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Yossef K, a.k.a. Jung Han Kim (Director/Playwright) is an international theatre artist who truly believes that theatre has the capability to change the world. He has written and directed many of his own works in different countries notably in the USA, UK, South Korea, Russia and Nepal. His background comes from The Living Theatre. His previous works as a director/playwright in New York City Off Broadway are Comfort at the Lincoln Center, Hungry People, the Musical at Provincetown Playhouse and A Tree, a Dog, and an Ordinary Man at Midtown International Festival. UK credits include Titus Andronicus at the Rose Playhouse London, and Perfection - Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His most critially acclaimed production Q opened in Seoul, South Korea and he succeeded on trying live streaming theatre on social media including Facebook for the first time. Q was also ranked as one of the best selling plays in South Korea this year, along with "Best New Play of the Year" award from Arts Council of South Korea in 2017. He is known as one of the most innovative theatre artist in Korea today. He has BA in Directing - Manhattanville College New York, MFA in Directing - University of Memphis. 

K is an inspiring playwright who brings stories of different people to the stage. His staging is full of ritualistic theatrical moments with deep compassion that flows within his actors. He believes in theatre being used as a tool to speak out for those people who do not have a voice. The topics that he focuses on in his plays: human trafficking, sexual abuse, homelessness, death penalty, and human rights in North Korea. He writes plays to fight for the causes that need to be heard in society. His plays range from poetic styles to straight dialogues with actions, which often involve very provocative and strong images to the audiences.


 is a director who uses fluidity to serve the root of the play through his collaborative process with the other artists. His color palette completely changes depends on the play he directs and whom he works with as a collaborator. However, others who have experienced his theatre often notice his directorial vision through intense movements, and picturization that invite audiences to use imagination, since K values the power of imagination in his theatre.

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